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Annabelle's U-No Chocolate Bar 1.35oz (American)

 1920's West Coast Flashback!

What is U-No? A delicious chocolate truffle bar that has been a West Coast favourite since the 1920's! 

Unravel the glimmering silver wrapper to reveal a rich milk chocolate bar full of cocoa and a light mixture of ground almonds. Snap it in half or take a bite and allow truffle-like center to melt away in your mouth! Surprisingly light and fluffy, this creamy milk chocolate bar will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Do you say "Ooh-No" or "You-No"?! It's been a strongly debated topic amongst U-No lovers for decades, but that suddenly no longer matters when you take a bite of this tasty chocolate treat!

Annabelle Confectionery makes a handful of our favourite candy bars like the Abba Zaba, and U-No is just another one to add to your must-try list!