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Blocko Disposable

Gippro BLOKO atomizing stick has been settled in many physical stores after its launch in the United States. Gippro always surprises people in the choice of materials. The previous GP-6 adopts baby skin surface treatment technology, which truly achieves baby skin. Normal touch. The paint surface of the BLOKO atomization stick is made of epoxy resin, which is not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also can start to have a very good heat insulation effect, and the touch feels very comfortable in the hand. Only 800 puffs per e-cigarette is also a big selling point, which is equivalent to 4 packs of cigarettes on average. Heavy smoking is no problem for 2 days.

Battery capacity: 550mAh
Cartridge capacity: 3.0mL
Puffs number: ≥800
Nicotine concentration: 5%

Flavors Available:


Lush Ice

Mixed Berries

Peavch Ice