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Cheez it Dous

Caramel Popcorn & CheddarA sweet & salty combination, Cheez-It DuozCaramel Popcorn & Cheddar Snack Mix combines two great snacks in one. Rich caramel popcorn dances around cheesy Cheez-ItCheddar crackers, made with 100% real cheese, in a sweet & salty snack. Sweet? Salty? Now when you snack you won't have to choose.

Cheddar Jack & Baby Swiss - Cheez-It DuozTM combines two intense real cheese flavors in one convenient grab-n-go bag.

Bacon & Cheddar Cheese - Bacon and cheddar. It’s a flavor match made in heaven! Bacon flavor Cheez-It® crackers and Cheddar Cheez-It® crackers, mixed together in one box of cheesy, crunchy perfection. Afterall, everything's better with cheddar...even bacon! Made with 100% real cheese.