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E-Herb Mr. Bald III Coils

The Mr. Bald III by Longmada is a 2 in 1 wax & dry herb vaporizer featuring an all glass dome & the Type B Miracle Coil, a.k.a. the Honey Pocket Coil, which simply means no exposed coil, reducing the splatter to almost none. Not only does this compact and portable atomizer fit any 510 threaded mod, but it's powerful, able to reach 428F in as little as 3 seconds!

Type A: Skillet | Dry Blends (15-27W)
Type B: Honey Pocket Ceramic | Concentrates (10-15W)
Type C: Oil Barrel Ceramic | Concentrates (10-15W)
Type D: Crystal Quartz Chamber | Dry Blends/Concentrates (30-48W)
Type E: Black Ceramic Chamber | Dry Blends/Concentrates (15-18W)
Type F: Vacuum Quartz Wickless Rod w/ Ceramic Dish | Dry Blends (10-30W)

Features & Specs:

  • Suggested wattage:
    • For wax, suggest 20 - 35W
    • For herb baking, suggest 20 - 25W.
  • Heating: 428 F in 4 seconds
  • Material: Stainless steel, ceramic, pyrex
  • Versatile swappable coil
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Dimensions: 66mm x 22mm