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Exotics FreeBase


Slightly sour blood orange juice mixed with velvety mango smoothie.

Grape Honeydew


Strawberry Whip

is tart berries with creamy vanilla. Luscious strawberries and cream create irresistible shortcake vapor.

Peach Raspberry

Sweet and juicy, this fruit medley will bring you summer vibes all year round. Fresh, ripe peaches blended with sweet raspberries and mixed with a heavy topping of sugar.

Pink Chew

Mouth watering pink chewy candy that leaves you always wanting more

Passion Ting

Aromatic, sweet and tart, exotic, passion fruit bowl.

Striped Mint

Jump into the Winter season with a Traditional Sweet Cane . Weather your looking for a Cool Frosty Vape or a Sweet Mint Flavour. 

Watermelon Berry Lemon Blast

No matter the season, you will be blown away by this sweet, refreshing summer drink flavor.

Blueberry CC

Smooth and creamy vanilla cheese cake topped off with blueberries.

Island Bottles


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