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Exotics Salt

Peach Raspberry

Sweet and juicy, this fruit medley will bring you summer vibes all year round. Fresh, ripe peaches blended with sweet raspberries and mixed with a heavy topping of sugar.

Kiwi Apple

Kiwi on the inhale with Apple on the exhale


A mix of Pomegranate and Berry Mix.

Melon Chew

A sweet blend of watermelons and creams, this is a famous Japanese candy.


Slightly sour blood orange juice mixed with velvety mango smoothie.

Captain Brunch w PB

Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch cereal. If you like that then you will love this new flavor. Deliciously smooth peanut butter taste.

Mountain Mint

a peppermint menthol mix with a secret sweet fruit kick.

Blueberry CC

Smooth and creamy vanilla cheese cake topped off with blueberries.

 Strawberry Whip

is tart berries with creamy vanilla. Luscious strawberries and cream create irresistible shortcake vapor.

Watermelon Berry Lemon Blast 

No matter the season, you will be blown away by this sweet, refreshing summer drink flavor.


A classic flavor with a burst of cooling menthol.

Pink Chew

Mouth watering pink chewy candy that leaves you always wanting more. 

Melon Chew

With every inhale, the smooth melons glides along the tongue, satisfying your fruit cravings with their mellow, crisp, creamy and delectable tastes. The bubblegum notes starts to emerge as the vapor goes down the throat. As you exhale, the sweetness level becomes intense.


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