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G Fuel Energy Drink 473ml (America)

PewdiepieA divine elixir suitable for only the most EPIC of gamers! A LINGONBERRY-infused tonic of Swedish origin, inspired by the BIGGEST YOUTUBER OF ALL TIME! A delicious, ready-to-drink, high-performance, a carbonated tribute to the CEO OF FLOOR GANG! THE PEWDIEPIE G FUEL CAN!!!! INSPIRED BY…PEWDIEPIE!!! TIME FOR FLAVOR!!!

Peach RingsYou’ve GOTTA GO FAST, and we mean REALLL FAST! You’re gonna need to collect ALL THE RINGS to defeat the evil DR. EGGMAN and SAVE THE WORLD FROM IMMINENT DOOM! But not just any rings...“G FUEL PEACH RINGS!!!” Inspired by our FAVORITE SPEEDY BLUE HERO: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!

Sour Chug Rug - A YouTube Star + His love for Sour Blue-Tasting Things: What does that equal? SOUR BLUE CHUG RUG OF COURSE!!!! Inspired by the one and only…FaZe Rug!!! Over 10million YouTube subs! Over 6 years dedicated to the FaZe Clan! A true OG! A pioneer of the genre! THE RUGRAT! 

And now, he’s got his very own G FUEL Can Flavor! And let us tell you – If you’re a fan of sour blue raspberry-like things, you are absolutely going to LOVE this jam! Grab yours today and don’t forget to #FaZeUp!!!

Fazeberry - What do you get when you combine the world's largest esports organisation, FaZe Clan, with the finest energy drink on the market, a slew of pomegranates, strawberries, and acai berries with an extra hit of sourness and some old-fashioned culinary ingenuity??? You've got... *insert tense drum roll here* GFUEL FAZEBERRY IN A CANNED FORMULA!!! FaZe FUDGE IT UP!!!

SCORPION -  A revived hell-spawned ghost seeking vengeance against those responsible for the devastation of his family and clan - Commanding hellfire to destroy anybody who stands in his way in the form of "SCORPION STING" - A mango and spice GFUEL blend - Inspired by: MORTAL KOMBAT 11!

Naruto - It's true! The bright citrus taste of the Pomelo fruit is combined with the relaxing floral sweetness of white peaches in GFUEL Sage Mode, which was inspired by Naruto Shippuden. For a long night of training and gaming, grab Sage Mode to enhance your energy and attention!

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