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Henry Weinhard's (335ml)

Henry Root Beer

Our Root Beer is a truly great American original and has stayed the same since forever. We mix the finest sassafras, vanilla and honey to create a soda that’s anything but ordinary. It’s where it all started. In Prohibition, it turned beer drinkers into root beer drinkers and kept them out of ‘trouble'

Henry Orange Cream Soda
Our Orange Cream Soda is a flavor explosion that combines the finest mandarins, vanilla, lemon, lime, Chinese ginger, nutmeg and botanical extracts. Oh, and of course, select oranges, to make it utterly perfect.

Henry Vanilla Cream Pack
Our Vanilla Cream Soda is a classic American go-to which popped up during Prohibition. It’s full of the finest natural honey and vanilla flavors you can find.

Henry Black Cherry Cream Soda
Our Black Cherry Cream Soda combines the freshest, fruitiest Oregon Bing and black cherries and raspberries, with a touch of Bourbon vanilla to create an unforgettable soda. It’s perfect when you want to forget everything else.

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