IQOS Starter Kit

IQOS is our innovative alternative to traditional smoking. Heat is at the heart of it all. Choosing to heat tobacco, rather than burn it, is what sets us apart from traditional cigarettes. Through heating we were able to release the true taste of real tobacco.


IQOS belongs to Philip Morris International (PMI), and in Canada it is being commercialized by the subsidiary known as Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. (RBH). Being one of Canada's leading tobacco companies, our objective is to replace cigarettes with better alternatives. With the best scientists, investment of over 4.5 billion dollars and almost 10 years of design, science and technology has made IQOS what you know today. 8 million adult smokers have already stopped smoking and switched to IQOS.

State of the art technology and pioneering science is the backbone of IQOS. Through IQOS HeatControl™ Technology we are able to heat tobacco up to 350°C, without burning it. The result? The true taste of tobacco - no flame, no smoke, no ash.


The best of tobacco meets the best of technology.

Technology - the world revolves around it. Over the years, it has radically changed. And with IQOS it has changed the way we enjoy tobacco

But technology goes hand-in-hand with science. We couldn't have created IQOS without it. This perfect combination of both science and technology is how we developed a better alternative to smoking.

Heating vs. burning

Heating tobacco, rather than burning it, may seem like a small change - but it redefines tobacco satisfaction. When you light a cigarette, the tobacco burns at more than 800°C at the tip, creating smoke and ash. IQOS heats tobacco to a temperature up to 350°C, releasing the true tobacco flavour and nicotine without burning the tobacco.

IQOS HeatControl™ Technology

IQOS HeatControl™ Technology is a specially designed and patented technology that monitors and controls the temperature of the IQOS heating blade. The heating blade is made of ceramic incorporating platinum, gold and silver tracks. Through IQOS HeatControl™ Technology, the tobacco heats to the ideal temperature for 14 puffs or around 6 minutes (whichever comes first) ensuring a consistent tobacco flavour without burning.


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