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JUUL Device

JUUL is a starter kit that has been an overnight success in the vaping business in the recent past. The kit brings about intense satisfaction that is similar to combustible cigarettes, with the only difference being that it is much safer because of vapor production. It is safe to say that the kit was designed for people who want to transition from smoking to vaping. With the device, it is so much easy to quit smoking and stick to vaping to minimize combustion.


Features of Juul Kit

The JUUL kit was made to make using it simple. Besides, the kit lacks buttons or switches to operate, meaning, all you have to do is insert the JUULpod into it and draw. It comes with four pods to provide you with a satisfying vaping experience. The pods contain 0.7ml of pre-filled e-liquid where you get approximately 200 puffs per pod. This vape juice is responsible for the perfect throat hit and a stimulating buzz from the 5% nicotine weight. It has the battery built into the device to eliminate maintenance practices and it takes less than an hour to have it fully charged using the magnetic USB charger provided. There is the battery indicator to let you know the battery life of the device using clever LED lights. For instance, it lights up green when at full charge, yellow when at medium level and red when low on power. The indicator also glows when you puff on the device.

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