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Frozen Ophelia

Cactus, mango, strawberry & a hint of kiwi topped off with VanGo's proprietary cooling blend.


A sweetener free concoction of mango and strawberry with subtle hints of cactus fruits and kiwi.

Jango Chill

A slightly cool blend of mango, jackfruit, strawberries with hints of cactus and lychee.

Cactus Jango

A rich, tropical medley of jackfruit & mango with hints of lychee, strawberry & cactus fruit.

The Root

From day one, our main objective was to create a flavour that not only tasted like Root Beer, but that truly captured the full-bodied experience...

Frozen Sophene

Strawberry, Pineapple and Pink Guava - A never-before seen flavour combination that'll have you believing fruits were meant to be frozen!

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