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Legendary Salts (BC Compliant)

Frozen Ophelia

Cactus, mango, strawberry & a hint of kiwi topped off with VanGo's proprietary cooling blend.


A sweetener free concoction of mango and strawberry with subtle hints of cactus fruits and kiwi.

Jango Chill

A slightly cool blend of mango, jackfruit, strawberries with hints of cactus and lychee.

Cactus Jango

A rich, tropical medley of jackfruit & mango with hints of lychee, strawberry & cactus fruit.

Frozen Waterberry

A cool, delicious trio of Watermelon, Strawberry & Kiwi frozen to perfection. 

 Frozen Sophene

As a new addition to the Frozen line up, this one has a tasty twist of juicy, ripe strawberries, bursting pineapple juice and layers of pink guava topping it off!

Strawberry, Pineapple and Pink Guava - A never-before seen flavour combination that'll have you believing fruits were meant to be frozen!

Ice Shot

An icy blast of cooling to add to other flavors for that refreshing coolness. Or vape on its own if you dare!

Frozen Persicor

This flavor contains a medley of juicy peaches along with sharp, yet sweet blackcurrants and topped off with the signature VanGo cooling blend!

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