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Naked 100 Salts


American - Rich tobacco blend.

Apple Menthol - Crisp apples, grapes, and watermelons with a cooling uplifting menthol.

Mango - Mango, peach, and cream blend.

Strawberry Pom Menthol - Strawberries, tangy kiwi, and pomegranates.

Maui - Pineapples with oranges and tangerines.

Berry Menthol - Blueberry, blackberry, tart Raspberry with cool undertones.

Pog - Oranges, passion fruit and guava.

Mint - Mint leaves and icy menthol.

Nkd 100 Salt E-Liquid is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems. Nkd 100 Salt E-Liquid is intended for small form factor, fillable pod systems. Ensure your customers are properly informed as Nkd 100 Salt E-Liquid contains significantly higher levels of nicotine per milliliter.

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