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Ruthless 60ml

Grape Drink

Ruthless E-Liquid has a knack for creating the flavors we all dream of and hope for that can be so hard to find, this wonderful grape-flavored pop blend tastes just like it would come right from a soda fountain at an old fashioned diner.

Grape Drink On Ice

Grape Drank On Ice by Ruthless E Juice is a menthol sweet grape hard candy mixed to be a refreshingly delicious grape soda.

EZ Duz it On Ice

Ez Duz It On Ice takes those spectacular fruit flavors that are brimming to the top with bold, vibrant taste and injects a freezing cold menthol for a cooling treat that will help you to beat the heat, feel awakened and freshen the breath.


VG to PG Ratio: 85/15

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