Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles - 13oz

Smoke Odor Exterminator candles have been the best selling odor eliminating candles on the market for years. Each candle is 13oz and can burn for up to 70 hours! Try a wide range of available scents to find the perfect one for you. Enzyme formulated candle, attacks and removes smoke odors when burning; great for smoke and pet odors. Makes a great smelling gift for non-smokers too!

  • Large 13oz Candle
  • Up to 70 Hours of Burn Time
  • Enzyme Based Formula
  • Attacks and Removes Unwanted Odors
  • Great for Dorm, Office, Hotel
  • Available in Several Scents
  • Volume: 13 oz
  • Weight: 1.3 lb


Clothesline Fresh

A scent that reminds you of beautiful blue Spring skies, crisp Spring air, and the fresh, clean smell of laundry, sun-drying on the clothesline. Clothesline Fresh is available year round. 

Southland Trade’s smoke odor exterminator candles eliminate unwanted odors in your house - anything from cigarette, cigar, pipe tobacco odors, cooking smells, lingering trash, and even pet odors. Freshen your living space with our clothesline fresh scented candle that lasts up to 70 hours! Each candle is 13 ounces and the candle wax is a mix of paraffin and soy blend. Wick wire cores are made of zinc and are safe for the environment.

Bamboo Breeze

An airy, light fragrance best described as fresh and clean. Bamboo Breeze is one of the lightest scents of Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles, and is available year round. 

Experience the fresh, clean scent of a cool breeze through a misty bamboo forest – right from the comfort of your home! Whether you're trying to get rid of a persistent odor in your home or just want to treat yourself to an immersive aromatherapy experience, Southland Trade's scented candles are perfect for every area of your home. Our scented candles can cover odors from cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, stinky trash, persistent pet odors, and smells from cooking, and they're also idea for setting the mood for a party or date night. Our candles are 13 ounces of paraffin and soy wax, and we use wick wire cores made of zinc to make the candles environmentally friendly.

Flower Power

A Bohemian Blend fragrance featuring a kaleidoscope of wild flower essences, morning dew, ylang, pink peony, amber, sandalwood, and soft patchouli, all fused together with the subtle sweetness of papya and apricots.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers. If they could, just about everyone would opt to have a bountiful bouquet of fresh wildflowers in every room of their home. While we can't promise the look of flowers, our Flower Power odor eliminating candle lets you experience the delicious scents of fresh flowers anywhere in your home. Combining sweet, fragrant notes of morning dew, ylang-ylang, pink peonies, sandalwood, patchouli, papaya, and apricots, our Flower Power candle is truly a kaleidoscope of scents and fragrances. But flower power doesn't mean weak – this candle can easily neutralize the strongest smells from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cooking, trash, and pets. In the spirit of the theme, the zinc wick wire core makes it a friendly option for both humans and the environment – so you can enjoy the delicious scent of wildflowers while knowing you're doing something to help keep those wildflowers growing.


A distinctive, soft, warm, smooth, creamy and milky precious-wood scent. Sandalwood is a year round scent.

Complete your home with a gentle, smooth smell like sandalwood. This luxurious candle is sold by Southland Trade. Though the Sandalwood Candle has a gentle smell, it eliminates even the toughest odors from your home. Our odor exterminator candles are proven to fight all odors including those from pets, cooking, trash, cigarettes, cigars and more! Each candle lasts 55-70 hours and is environmentally friendly, so you can be sure your dollar is well spent.

Mullberry & Spice

A wonderful aromatic combination of wild berries, cinnamon sticks, and bitter orange peels. Mulberry and Spice is available year round.

Lingering smells in your home can be a thing of the past with Southland Trade’s smoke odor exterminator candles, made here in the USA! Also known as “Smokers Candles”, these can eliminate the most unpleasant smells from cigarette, cigar and pipe tobacco smoke as well as lingering trash and pet odors. Candle wax is a blend of paraffin and soy, and burns up to 70 hours. Choose from over 20 scents including mulberry and spice, reminiscent of the holiday season. Candle wicks are made of zinc, making them safe in the home and for the environment.

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