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ULTRA Flavours:

Cherry Watermelon - Explosion of fresh, fruity flavors! The perfect blend of plump cherries and fresh watermelon taste that will last all day long. Soon to be your all day vape!

Grape - A delicious combination of fresh green, ruby and concord grapes. Bold Flavor that packs a juicy punch, keeping you satisfied all day long.

Orange - The ultimate orange creamsicle. A smooth, creamy blend of juicy orange and classic vanilla bean. Bringing back memories of hot summer days.

Strawnana - The perfect balance of strawberry and banana with subtle hits of pineapple. A smooth, fruity vape and a long time classic from Ultra E-Liquid.

BIG STAR Flavours:

Grapple - A refreshing fusion of crisp, juice apples and sweet, delicious grapes. Bursting with flavour, soon to be your new favourite.

Mini O's - The real reason to go to a carnival. The mini donuts. A super smooth combo of vanilla, cake batter and Danish swirl.

Smooth Vanilla - A rich, buttery blend of French vanilla cream. The perfect custard vape with smooth, bold flavor.

Strawmelon - The crisp taste of summer. The perfect blend of strawberry paired with hints of fresh watermelon and juicy honeydew.

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