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Vladdin PODs (Pack of 4 Pods)

Blue Raspberry

Our Blue Raspberry pod is a juicy and intense blue raspberry flavor. The note is packed and delivered to your taste bud and lingers on when you exhale.


Watermelon pods is your ideal summertime flavor. Packed with watermelon note and hint of menthol, Cool Watermelon is refreshing pleasing fruit flavor.


Lychee is a slightly sweet and aromatic lychee with a hint of cool menthol that together creates an enticing and exotic fruit flavor.

Tobacco Premiere

Tobacco Premiere is a straightforward tobacco flavour with its natural richness that satisfies your cravings.

Northern Tobacco

Often tobacco e liquids are clouded with other flavours that take away from the natural richness featured in its profile. Northern Tobacco E Juice is a straightforward flavour that features our renowned Blonde Canadian Tobacco and is the ideal all day vape for those looking for an aromatic and satisfying experience.

Ice Mango Premiere

Ice Coffee Premiere

Beans Premiere

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