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Vova K2 Device Kit

 K2 Kit is a compact starter device with outstanding appearance and flavor. CISOO K1 adopts the integrated all-metal shell of flagship mobile phone technology, with dozens of processes carefully polished, comfortable to watch and hold. The product appearance and process design of the CISOO K1 pod system are highly inspired and creative, which brings the patented magnetic suction removable top cover, matching with contrast colors and free DIY, which is the most brilliant finishing touch. The multicolor cap matches what you like. In order to comprehensively solve the problem of e-liquid leakage of traditional products, K1 is innovated in many aspects from the inside out. Pods in round design provide more uniform air stress. The additional cross core and other multiple protecting structures help to prevent E-liquid spilling. In addition, vape juice locking ceramic double-layer osmotic atomizer is used with an inverted funnel structure to further improve the protection.

On the other hand, CISOO K1 is designed with constant power output throughout the whole process, with strong atomization power and consistent taste. Equipped with a new generation of the micron-level ceramic atomizing core, thousands of honeycomb micropores atomize vape juice in 360 degrees carefully to ensure every puff is fine, soft and pure. K1 also adopts the non-direct air flow triggering channel, which is carefully designed to protect the main device and ensure safety at all times. Available in multiple flavors.


• The unibody metal device with flagship technology.

• The multicolor cap matches what you like.

• Long battery, half-hour charged can last for 24 hours.

• Circular & cross core, prevent E-liquid spilling.

• Honeycomb ceramic vaporizer, delicate harmonious taste.

• Constant power, consistent taste.

• Multiple popular flavors, unique & fabulous.

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