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Ziip JUUL Compatible PODs (Priced Individually)

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade ZPods combine a sweet strawberry flavor with a tart citrus finish. Our summertime favorite.

Strawberry Milk

The delicious taste of Strawberry Milk with the power of a vape pod to bring you one of the most satisfying vapes out there. This JUUL-compatible pod offers a thick, creamy hit of milk-infused strawberry.


When you inhale, the smooth, sweet taste of mango coats your tongue and leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. The fresh, tropical-inspired flavor crests as you start to exhale and ends with the same aftertaste you get from biting into a juicy slice of mango fruit.

Iced Mango

An intense flavor experience that melds the magic of mango with the invigoratingly icy essence of mint.

Iced Pina Colada

Iced Pina Colada Ziip Pods energize the exotic essence of pineapple and coconut with a spark of mint that results in a unique flavor that stands out in a sea of Juul compatible pod flavors.


It’s hard to perfect a mint vape flavor, but Ziip Pods has hit the mark with its Mint Vape Pods. These pods, which are compatible with JUUL devices, give you a rush of pure mint that isn’t too icy or overwhelming.

Iced Blueberry

Iced Blueberry Ziip Pods treats tart, freshly plucked blueberries to a mix of menthol that will leave you wondering why blueberry and mint don’t just hang out all the time.


Tobacco Pods that are powerful enough to give smokers the nicotine they crave and flavourful enough to mimic the taste of tobacco cigarettes.


The pure taste of watermelon will linger on your tongue long after you take a few puffs on the Watermelon Vape Pods from Ziip Pods. A forceful, fruity wave of watermelon with a slight undertone of candy-like sweetness that comes in at the end of the exhale.


A nostalgic taste of fruity cereal and milk that is packed with sweet vape flavoring.

New York Style

Rich delicious cheesecake with a strawberry undertone.

Lemon Macron

Lemon Macaron ZPods combine a tart lemon flavor with a creamy, almond aftertaste to perfectly balance out the pod flavor.


The tropical fruit is characterized by a strong tartness and gentle sweetness and the guava is a perfectly tasting combination likened to strawberries and pears when blended into one. With this product, you simply cannot go wrong. Mixed in together with the popular orange

Iced Apple

The iced apple is a force to be reckoned with, featuring a bittersweet nature that treads on the palate with a medium bodied walk whilst forcing it to face its inner depths. Not too harsh on the senses, this blend appeases the consumer in the most profound of ways with every single inhalation.


This fruity taste will permeate your palate upon every inhalation, allowing for a smooth vaping experience that tantalizes the senses in a state of perfection. The 5% nicotine strength suffices to quench your thirst for a buzz and perfectly complements the sweet, peachy flavor without overpowering the senses.

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