ALLO Ultra 500 Disposable 20mg (2ml) (STAMPED)


Key Features
  • Longer lasting disposable device with 500+ puffs
  • Xtra Puffs, Xtra Volume, Xtra Flavour
  • No mess and no fuss
  • Products are VPLPR (Vaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations) compliant
  • Great tasting flavours filled in a 2mL pod!


    Juicy Mango: The delectable nectary goodness of mango is taken to new heights with Allo’s Juicy Mango flavour. If you can’t get enough of tropical fruit, this one is for you!

    Banana Ice: What’s better than banana? One of the most popular fruits worldwide blended perfectly with a cool icy flavour. You’ll go bananas when you experience Banana Ice!

    Fuji Apple Ice: Researchers in Japan created the Fuji apple to be crisp and delicious! We took that irresistible flavour and combined it with mint, it’s refreshingly delicious!

    Mango Ice: Everything you love about the sweet tropical mango, with a kick of ice on the exhale! Mango Ice will have you dreaming of warm destinations, while keeping you totally cool.

    Grape Ice: There’s a reason that purple grapes are grown all over the world, they’re just that delicious! Grape Ice brings the irresistible flavour of grape together with a cool mint after taste that you’re bound to love. 

    Spearmint: Allo’s Spearmint stands out among other mint flavours with the cool, smooth taste of the spearmint leaf. You’ll feel the chill with every puff!

    Pineapple Ice: The familiar tropical taste of pineapple, taken to the next level with a cool mint pairing. Escape to your own tropical island with Pineapple Ice.

    OMG: OMG it’s Orange Mango Guava! Created with some of the best fruits of the tropics in mind, your taste buds will be thanking you when you experience the sweet sensation of Orange Mango Guava.

    Strawberry Banana: Strawberry and banana are a match made in heaven! The tangy berry notes are complimented perfectly by the lush flavour of banana, sure to leave you wanting more.

    Peach: This flavour is just peachy! The luscious and tangy notes swirl together for an unbelievably delicious sensation.

    Grapefruit: A balance of sweet and sour makes the perfect vape. Grapefruit offers a juicy and sweet citrus tang that blends perfectly.

    Mixed berries: Bundles of sweet strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are sure to satisfy even the most demanding of fruit lovers.

    Strawberry: The flavour of sweet ripe strawberries is bursting from every puff of Allo’s Strawberry. You won’t want to put this one down!

    Orange Ice: This flavour is like an ice-cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, wake up with Orange Ice!

    Redline Ice: Need a boost? Red Line Ice is a classic flavour on ice packed with a whole lot of kick!

    Blue Raspberry Lemon: Looking for some excitement? Get a kick from the intense combination of sour blue raspberry paired with that tangy citrus flavour of lemon.

    Blueberry Ice: Blueberry Ice takes the deliciously sour flavour of blueberries that you know and love and perfectly pairs it with a cooling mint, creating a delightful sensation your tastebuds are sure to enjoy!

    Mango Peach Orange: We just can’t get enough of these fresh summer fruits, so we mixed them into one mouth-watering flavour. The taste of succulent mangos, sweet juicy peaches and refreshing oranges will leave you wanting more.

    Froot Bears: Froot b will bring back memories of your favourite colourful treat, bursting with yummy fruit flavour that you won’t forget!

    Blue Raspberry Apple: This unique combination of Allo’s sour Blue Raspberry, enhanced with the addition of a refreshing bite of apple is a one-of-a-kind flavour you will not want to miss!

    Lemon Lime Cranberry: Refreshingly tangy! The citrus flavours of lemon and lime, pair incredibly with the sweet yet tangy cranberry flavours.

    Strawberry Orange: A flavour pulled directly from your favourite summer treat! Allo’s delicious Strawberry Orange will have you satisfied and dreaming of warmer days.

    Lychee Watermelon Strawberry: It’s a party in your mouth when the distinct flavour of lychee combines with sweet watermelons and strawberries.

    Fruity Explosion: A colourful explosion of fruit packed into every single puff. Treat yourself with a burst of mouth-watering fruit medley flavour.

    Frost: Allo’s Frost is a cooling breath of fresh air! The smooth taste of menthol will leave you (and your mouth) feeling fresh with every puff.

    Classic Tobacco: The rich aroma of Allo’s Classic Tobacco is full-bodied and smooth. Fans of tobacco will be delighted by this new take on an old classic.

    Polar Chill: Dive into glacial waters with Allo’s Polar Chill! An intense, yet smooth menthol experience that will leave you feeling fresh every time.

    Bold Tobacco: A flavour as bold as you are. Allo’s bold Tobacco has a full-bodied, rich cigar flavour that tobacco lovers can enjoy all day long!

    Strawberry Kiwi: Starting with sweet strawberries on the inhale and finishing with a tang of kiwi on the exhale, this flavour simply does not disappoint.

    Melon Ice: Inspired by melons from all over the world, Melon Ice combines all the sweetness and distinct flavours of juicy melons and into the perfect blend that finishes with a minty cool flavour.

    Blue Raspberry: Blue raspberry isn’t actually a real type of fruit – but we wish it was! A little fruity and a little sour, blue raspberry is unlike any other flavour!

    White Peach Razz: Sweet white peaches come together perfectly with tangy ripe raspberries for a flavour you won’t want to be without!

    Device Specifications:
    • Puffs: 500+
    • Liquid Volume: 2 mL
    • Battery: 450 mAh
    • Dimensions 100x23x15 mm Portable

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