Pop Pods Hybrid 2% [Stlth+Allo] (STAMPED)


STLTH and Allo Compatible

The legendary Pop Vapor has now introduced their best selling flavors in Hybrid closed pod systems. These are hybrid pop pods of 20mg strength made with a mixture of freebase and nicotine salts e-liquids for that extra throat hit. 


Iced Blackberry: A Flavor That Will Have You Thinking Of Blackberries From The Orchard With A Wonderfully Brisk Menthol Sensation

Peachy Apple: A Tasty Blend Of Sweet Peached And Crisp Red Apple Extracting Luscious Nectar For Pure Blissful Flavor

Passionfruit Strawberry: This Vape Delivers A Sweetness From The Strawberries And Tartness From The Passionfruit

Strawberry Kiwi: Two Of The Most Classic Flavor Combinations, Sweet Strawberry, And Tart Kiwi

Iced Berry Blast: A Masterpiece Of - Harvest Berries Blended In A Taste To Revel In

Tropical Blast: Take A Break With Mystical Blue Raspberries Blended To Perfection With Sweet Strawberries With A Spritz Of Pineapple

2T Froot (Tutti Frutti): It Is A Fund Of Multiple Candied Fruit Flavors That Make For A Sweet Refreshing Blend

Nectar of Gods: It Is A Smooth Rush Of Authentic Passionfruit Fused With Succulent Oranges And Hints Of Guava

Luscious Watermelon: t Is A Breathtakingly Fresh Blend Of Juicy Watermelons

Strawberry G (Strawberry gummy): Little Red Bear Giving An Oh-So-Sweet But Oh So Sour Fresh Strawberries

Tangerine Watermelon Mango: It Is A Refreshing Fusion Of Watermelon, Tangerine, And Mango

Fruit Kick: Dazzling Your Taste Buds With The Refreshing Flavors Of Your Favorite Fruits

Mixed Berries: Mixed Berry Is A Delicious Burst Of All Your Favorite Flavors Wrapped Into One To Give You That Brisk And Refreshing Taste Like Fruit Punch On A Summer Day

Guava Ice: Capturing Luscious Guava Notes With A Splash Of Refreshing Menthol

Ice Pods: A Handcrafted Iced Multipack Guaranteed To Satisfy

Peach Berry Candy: Fresh And Juicy Peach Juice That Is Perfectly Complemented By The Sour Blue Raspberry Base

Mango Peach: These Two Flavors Come Together Beautifully To Give An Electrifying Flavors

Sour Peach: It’s A Bust Of Tangy Notes Of Sour Peachy Goodness

Chilled Blue Razz: Crafted To Keep Your Taste Buds Happy, Our Signature Blue Raz Is As Delicious As It Gets

Mighty Mint: A powerful Mint

Raspberry Tangerine: A Mouth-Watering Combination Of Juicy Raspberries Drenched In Cold Freshly Squeezed Tangerines

Grape Pomegranate Ice: Juicy Grape Melds With Succulent Vibrant Pomegranate In A Flawless Union

Strawberry Watermelon: Riich Sweet Watermelon Juice Topped With Freshly Chopped Strawberries

Blueberry Kiwi Ice: This Is A Juicy Mixture Of Wild Picked Blueberries And Tart Green Kiwi With A Hint Of Cool Ice

Iced Melon Berry: A Delicious Frozen Blend Of Honeydew Melon, Juicy Watermelon, Fresh Cantaloupe, And Winter Strawberries

Mango Lychee Ice: This Is Sure To Have Your Taste Buds Jumping For Joy! Juicy Mangoes Mixed With Sharp Refreshing Sweet Lychee

Cherry Apple: This Flavor Delivers A Crushing Blow Of Both Red And Green Apples, Finished Off With A Sweet Cherries

Iced Guava Lychee: Enjoy The Juicy Exotic Flavors Of Guava And Luscious Lychee Fruit In This Satisfying New E-Juice

Orange Peach Pineapple: The Citrusy Flavor Of Orange With A Splash Of Tropical Pineapple And Peach

White Peach Mango: A Juicy Fusion Of Fresh Mangos And Juicy White Peach

Epic Freeze: Epically Frozen on the inhale to exhale!

Peppermint: Peppermint Flavour from inhale to exhale

Spearmint: Spearmint flavour

Sktl Ice (Prism Ice): Will Revitalize Your Taste Buds With This Vibrant Citrus Fruit Vape That Combines Sour Limes For A Well Rounded Sour And Candy Flavor

Blueberry Mango: Blueberry and Mango

Kiwi Dragon Berry: Get Stuck Into This Tempting Fruit Juice With A Tropical Twist Of Sweet Blueberries, Tart Kiwi, And Exotic Dragon Fruit

Pina Pina Colada: Is The Fantastic Flavor Of Coconut And Pineapple.

Watermelon Apple: The Delectable Taste Of Fresh Watermelon And Tart Apple Candy.

Wild berry Skittles: Wild Berry Skittles candy!

ROOT (Root Beer): It's A Combo Of Sugar, Spice, And All Things Nice Just Like The Classic You Know And Love

Pineapple Kiwi Ice: Pineapple on Inhale, Kiwi Ice on Exhale

Grape Rush Ice: Blended With Grape Soda And Mixed With A Hint Of Menthol For The Ultimate Vape Experience.

Chilled Strawberry Pom G.O.A.T Edition: Strawberry and Pom with Chill to it

Tropical Blue Razz G.O.A.T Edition: Tropical with Blue Razz

GB Ice (Gummy Bear) G.O.A.T Edition: Gummy Bear Candy with Ice

Strawberry Guava: A Harmonious Blend Of Ripe Juicy Strawberries And Zesty Yummy Pink Guava

Grape Rush: Blended With Grape Soda And Mixed With A Hint Of Menthol For The Ultimate Vape Experience

Chilled Luscious BBG: Is A Signature Watermelon Candy Flavor Infused With A Fresh Breeze Of Menthol

Pink Lemonade: We've Combined The Refreshing And Zesty Taste Of Homemade Lemonade With Sour Grapefruit And The Tangy Sweetness Of Crushed Strawberries

Cherry Berry: Sweet Cherry Candy Flavor With Hints Of Cream And Mixed Berries

Blackcurrant: The Sweetness Of The Blackcurrant Gets The Taste Buds Going

Pineapple Grapefruit: This Is A Delicious Pairing Of Sweet Golden Pineapple With A Zesty Burst Of Pink Grapefruit

Sour Mouth G.O.A.T Edition: Sour all the way through!

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