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Pop Pods Hybrid 2% [Stlth+Allo] (STAMPED)

STLTH and Allo Compatible

The legendary Pop Vapor has now introduced their best selling flavors in Hybrid closed pod systems. These are hybrid pop pods of 20mg strength made with a mixture of freebase and nicotine salts e-liquids for that extra throat hit. The flavors for Pop Pods Hybrid 2% are as follows. 

Strawberry Gummy
Chilled Blue Razz
Blue Spirit
Cool Menthol
Mighty Mint
Raspberry Tangerine
Tutti Frutti
Tropical Blast
Blueberry Kiwi Ice
Pink Lemonade
Cherry Berry
Iced Melon Berry
Mango Lychee Ice

Apple Crisp
Grape Rush
Birthday Cake
Fruit Kick
Mixed Berries
Bull Blast
Guava Ice
Ice Pod
Peach Berry
Mango Peach
Sour Peach

Iced Blackberry
Peachy Apple
Passionfruit Strawberry
Strawberry Kiwi
Iced Berry Blast
Mystery Swirl
Strawberry Watermelon
Grape Pomegranate Ice
Strawberry Guava
Nectar of Gods
Luscious Watermelon
Chilled Luscious Bubblegum

Tangerine Watermelon Mango

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