Fresa: An expertly crafted e-liquid that combines the classic flavour of strawberry with a unique twist and an icy finish. Enjoy a flavor explosion with every puff, as you experience the smooth and revitalizing taste of Spain. Get ready to go wild with this Loco e-liquid!

Grape: Offers a symphony of sweet and tart grapes for a uniquely refreshing and satisfying vape. Handpicked from the lush jungles, these juicy grapes are expertly smashed with ice for a harmonious blend of sweetness and crispness. Perfect for hot summer days, this e-liquid is a fruity and frosty treat for all grape lovers.

Limon: Treat yourself to a unique and refreshing vape Iced-Up Limonada e-liquid. Its blend of sweet and tangy lemonade with a squeeze of tart blackcurrant is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy the zesty and fruity flavour with every puff, as well as a touch of cooling for an even more satisfying vape. Perfect for your summer days!

Mango: Experience a truly unique and delicious sensation with El Mango. This Michoacan e-liquid captures the renowned mango production of its namesake city with a flavor that’s sweet, fruity, and refreshing. Get a truly satisfying vape that’s perfect for mango fans and those seeking a new flavor.

Naranja: Experience the gold standard of refreshment. Hand-picked oranges from Guatemala are blended with creamy notes and iced for an energizing, delicious taste. Refreshingly sweet, it's a drink you can trust.

Pina Lima: Enjoy the perfect taste of indulgence with a refreshing soda crafted from exotic Costa Rican pineapples, with a zesty lime finish. Expertly processed to retain its natural sweetness, it's the ideal drink for any occasion.

70% VG 30% PG


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