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Veev Pods Stamped

Classic AuburnA sophisticated combination of tobacco aromas with silky nutty notes infused with delightful warm flavors.

Classic Blond - A subtle combination of tobacco aromas with discrete undertones of floral notes.

Classic Mint - A flavorful composition of cooling menthol with peppermint notes balanced with creamy nuances.

Green Mix - An elegant mix of cooling menthol with herbal notes balanced with subtle creaminess.

Mauve Mix- A nuanced mix of ripe scents with exotic tropical notes and a zesty touch.

Sunglow Mix- A bright combination of red stone fruit notes layered with zesty undertones.

Red Mix-  An elegant blend of red berry flavors layered with delicate creamy notes.

Island CascadeA blend of refreshing mint with a watermelon twist.

Velvet ValleyA blend of honey with a creamy vanilla twist.

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