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Whirl Coils (Price Per Coil)

Uwell Whirl Replacement Coils For Uwell Whirl 20/Uwell Whirl 22 Starter Kit is design for Uwell Whirl 20/22 Kit and is also suit for Uwell Hypercar Kit, which features long lasting and low wattage coils. It utilizes two Nichrome coils, which consists of the Nichrome Dual 0.6 ohm coil head, a coil head rated at18W to 22W, and the Nichrome Single 1.8 ohm coil head rated at 10 to 15W. The Replacement Coil can save power and juice for users and offer great flavours. The unique design for you better vaping experience.

Nichrome Dual Coil: 0.6 ohm, 18W to 22W
Nichrome Single Coil: 1.8 ohm, 10 to 15W

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