Elf Bar BC 10,000 (STAMPED) NFS IN BC

Unleash the Power of Elf Bar BC10000

The Elf Bar BC10000 is a powerful, long-lasting disposable vape with up to 10,000 puffs powered by a Type-C rapid recharge port. Enjoy 18ml of your favourite flavours for an endless vaping experience. Get ultimate satisfaction with the advanced features of the Elf Bar BC10000.


Blue Razz Ice: Blue raspberry slushies

Blueberry Mint: A hint of mint in a drink, It’s a surprising mix that works wonders

Double Mango: This is a tropical, the lushness of mango, but twice as nice.

Peach Mango: A tropical fruit cocktail at sunset, Juicy peaches meeting sun-kissed mangoes.

Red Berry Cherry: Berries jam on toast. A blend of red berries with a cherry on top!

Strawberry Kiwi Ice: The taste of strawberries and kiwis with a cool twist

Watermelon Ice: Juicy, sweet, and the perfect cool-down of watermelon taste

Strawberry Ice: It’s alike enjoying strawberries in the blizzard. A blend of sweet and cool that’s durable to resist.

Grape Ice: Remember those grape popsicles? With an extra chill factor

Peach Ice: A peach iced tea by the pool—sweet, icy, and oh-so-relaxing.

Cherry Watermelon: Combination of the sweetness of juicy cherries and refreshing watermelon.

Fuji Ice: Enjoy the refreshing combination of crisp Fuji apples and chilling ice. 

Grape Cherry: A sweet and delicious blend of ripe grapes and tart cherry.

Blueberry Cloudz: A sweet blueberry from beginning to end.

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